tisdag, februari 23, 2010

söndag, februari 21, 2010

"A lone biker of the apocalypse.."

For the past few days, I have had some fucked up dreams. They are always vivid and sometimes lucid, although with the lucid dreams I never wanted to revive myself, which is even more confusing since my dreams really aren't entailing a continuation, but instead terminated once a person realizes they are dreaming.
Anyways, my dreams weren't anything like this scene, but after waking up today I kept playing a remarkable scene from Raising Arizona in my head over and over. The Coen Brothers knew what they were doing from the git-go.

I think I have started having bad dreams because a good friend of mine is having just as, if not not more, brutal dreams as me. They're interesting- would make good films. Also, news on crime and death in the media sometimes tampers on a person's dreams.

fredag, februari 19, 2010

I think about this all the time

This freakin' dress. It's been a few years since Atonement came out, but it has not left my dressing values. I liked the film too, usually I hate romance films that are sad (that includes you, The Notebook). I'm not going to give away the ending (they die) if you have not seen it, but last semester I had my roommates watch it and they cried themselves to sleep and then were depressed for about a week. Whoops. Anyways, WWII movies are clever.

Twisted mind at the d'Orsay

I looked through my photos dated back a couple a weeks ago when I had a random tourscursion at the d'Orsay. I even took pictures! I never take pictures of art because I won't look at them ever again, unless I have to write a report on it or prove to some idiot that I have seen it.

I took pictures, though, because some of these paintings were like sitcoms off of FX or NBC! I was alone, but I was totally laughing my ass off. Here's why:

Henri Regnault- "Execution sans jugement sous les rois maures de Grenade". Okay, yeah, this painting is kind of mental, but the expression on the killer's face has a slight "Whoopsies" expression. Also, it is really ghetto. He looks like Kobe Bryant in a Snoop Dogg Music video or something.

Lucien Levy-Dhurmer (I like this artist quite a bit)....need I say more about this picture? Soooomeooone's favorite country is down-under. I nearly fainted from holding in my laughter.

This is not as funny, but I think I'm in a giggly mood and I think this could make it into an episode of General Hospital. The dude got owned and I learned in an art class that a woman holding a snake that is biting her breast means she's fertile... so that basically means he got her pregnant by just looking at her. Soap-opera status, right right? I forgot to look for the name of the artist... oops.

I just wanted to point out how well Jacques- Emile Blanche paints details of hair and skin, but cannot paint a shape of a hand if his life depended on it. I love idiosyncrasies.

DISCLAIMER I respect all these artists and their great contributions to art and history. They are all very talented, obviously if they're in the d'Orsay, and sorry if I have offended anyone. I just have an immature sense of humor. Merci.

torsdag, februari 18, 2010


2009 Oliver Theyskens featuring Lily Donaldson. It looks like my mum's mum's wedding dress from her first/second marriage (out of 5). Her ceremony was in Paris, but then Nazi's invaded and she escaped on a motorcycle with some other dude that she would end up marrying, too. R.I.P. beautiful mind. She also was a model in Paris for designers like Balenciaga and Rochas (the originals) and started the whole trend of dragging a fur coat on the runway, though that got her in a bitchload of trouble. I mention her modeling because Theyskens also designed for house of Rochas, remember??

Nina Ricci 2008 with Oliver Theyskens. Olga Sheerer?

The Night of Pan

"The Night of Pan is the mystical state which is experienced during the crossing of the Abyss in the Crowlean system of magick." -Brian Butler

It was made in only 2 days in L.A. and inspired from Grandmother stories involving Paradise Lost. It is a bit of deja vu for me since I have written a story similar to this, but all the more encouraging for me to see this movie immediately. Vincent Gallo is in the cast... I love him, he is terrifying and super strange.