torsdag, januari 14, 2010

With the continuation of losing Jay

my second favorite song ironically reflects my mood today. Maybe it's a sign from his ghost!

Disclaimer: When I say this song is a reflection of my mood, I do not mean to say that I want anyone dead. Gracias.

Actually, none of the actual lyrics are a reflection of me, at all, just know this now. Gracias dos.

Time will heal the wounds but I
will kill you

fading all away

the voices cry and watch
the feelings die

fading all away

Jay Reatard: 1980-2010

R.I.P.; The punk rocker from Memphis, TN.
Why do kids somehow still think drugs are going to make things more fun? Reatards!

Sorry for getting mad when you cancelled that show in Paris an hour before you were set onstage and then I chose to be immature and deleted all your music off my iTunes...I have since downloaded all of them again.
M brother saw Jay Reatard live in Santa Cruz 2 years ago and hated it, said it was to screechy, intoxicated, and chaotic. Thus, I would have thoroughly enjoyed him live.

One of my 2 favorite JRtard songs, Nightmares. This is the clearest version I could find on hand.

Seems that my dreams only come true
When my dreams aren't about you
Nightmares are all you bring to me

I'll keep searching for you

We'll see him in our dreams!