fredag, februari 19, 2010

I think about this all the time

This freakin' dress. It's been a few years since Atonement came out, but it has not left my dressing values. I liked the film too, usually I hate romance films that are sad (that includes you, The Notebook). I'm not going to give away the ending (they die) if you have not seen it, but last semester I had my roommates watch it and they cried themselves to sleep and then were depressed for about a week. Whoops. Anyways, WWII movies are clever.

Twisted mind at the d'Orsay

I looked through my photos dated back a couple a weeks ago when I had a random tourscursion at the d'Orsay. I even took pictures! I never take pictures of art because I won't look at them ever again, unless I have to write a report on it or prove to some idiot that I have seen it.

I took pictures, though, because some of these paintings were like sitcoms off of FX or NBC! I was alone, but I was totally laughing my ass off. Here's why:

Henri Regnault- "Execution sans jugement sous les rois maures de Grenade". Okay, yeah, this painting is kind of mental, but the expression on the killer's face has a slight "Whoopsies" expression. Also, it is really ghetto. He looks like Kobe Bryant in a Snoop Dogg Music video or something.

Lucien Levy-Dhurmer (I like this artist quite a bit)....need I say more about this picture? Soooomeooone's favorite country is down-under. I nearly fainted from holding in my laughter.

This is not as funny, but I think I'm in a giggly mood and I think this could make it into an episode of General Hospital. The dude got owned and I learned in an art class that a woman holding a snake that is biting her breast means she's fertile... so that basically means he got her pregnant by just looking at her. Soap-opera status, right right? I forgot to look for the name of the artist... oops.

I just wanted to point out how well Jacques- Emile Blanche paints details of hair and skin, but cannot paint a shape of a hand if his life depended on it. I love idiosyncrasies.

DISCLAIMER I respect all these artists and their great contributions to art and history. They are all very talented, obviously if they're in the d'Orsay, and sorry if I have offended anyone. I just have an immature sense of humor. Merci.