måndag, augusti 24, 2009

5 Reasons Why I'm a Failure

With anguish I will count down the top 5 bands I absolutely MUST see before I die from being ran over by a stampede of alpacas. I may include a few that I will never be able to see because they're dead or something.

1) First, I tend to miss out on seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. When I skip town, they feel like visiting the neighborhood. The fuck.

2) Speaking of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen's ex's band Liars is a wet dream for me. Soundgasms for everyone. I'm sure I'd die, but that wouldn't be tragic in anyway. Imagine! They would be so loud and crazy and I'd want to join in the mood! And while I bring up Liars, a similar, yet crazier band simply known as HEALTH would be more than pleasant to see open for them. Thus, I need Liars and HEALTH to arrange a tour together, please.

3) Deerhunter.

4) Tied are two popular rock bands: The White Stripes and Led Zeppelin. Indeed, I get slack for loving those two bands because they are no longer considered unique in this dane age, but that is completely fine with me because I can have them all to myself. May I add that I tend to feel somewhat flattered that Jack White sings a song titled, "Now Mary". Merci Jack.

5) Band I better see or my life will be utterly pointless: RADIOHEAD. They're playing at the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival right before I get to Europe, so I will unfortunately miss them. And enough said.

Probably the top 5 important bands I have seen are:
1) Adolescents
2) The Strokes
3) Boris
4) The Hives
5) Polysics