måndag, mars 30, 2009

Stockholm Syndrome

Being kidnapped from your home by a lunatic only to fall in love with him/her is conceptually so fascinating to me. Stockholm Syndrome is one of my favorite subjects and I try to substitute worries with evaluations of how a person falls in love with the enemy. I often dream of it as well. Does panic just get too unbearable and their need for comfort gets out of hand that they simply find comfort in their abductor? Is it simply just a symptom of brain wash? If I were kidnapped, I wouldn't be surprised if I too would fall in love. I like old, creepy individuals- they intrigue me. But lets hope that does not happen.

tisdag, mars 17, 2009

Fuck YEAH! (x3)

As every knows, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are fucking back! The new album, It's Blitz, is much different from their old stuff so a lot of apprehension will probably surface even with their fans. It is not my favorite album, but I still really like it. Karen O has entered her 30s and the new decade has made her hotter. She seems more confident and less childish. The other 2 look the same, maybe a bit older.
The video takes place in San Francisco, see if you recognize the locations!
Zero-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

söndag, mars 15, 2009


This clip from The Poughkeepsie Tapes has haunted me for days. You better watch it.

This is not a true story, it is pseudo-documentary, according to Wikipedia at least. I have taken some sleeping antidotes and thus, too lethargic for investigating. So make the story what you want. Happy viewings.