fredag, december 18, 2009

Oh Serena

Speaking of classic punk songs, this song is the reason I found myself listening to Adolescents. The Distillers are no more, as of 2006 (Brody now plays in Spinerette, not bad), and so they're all a sweaty memory now. I heard this song on a Roxy surf VHS tape when I was 11, it changed my life, it may not be the greatest song in the world, but I have to show my nostalgia to the world every once in a while. We all know this band, so it's nothin' specials. I always feel better about everything in my life after I thrust myself into this song. Here it goes:

They all say its a resistance.
They all say that ya didn't listen.
Well they all have scars on their eyes, its true.
Night and day its like a haunted replay.
I know it girl i'll pray for you.
Just remember its not stronger than you.

Oh Serena, oh Serena, oh Serena i know that theyre saying about you

I've never seen anything like it before, this AMOEBA has a mind of its own...

It's been a year since I have seen one of the greatest punk bands in history play live; Adolescents fucking play their sounds like it's the last show ever in the world. I looooove them. Amoeba, one of my favorite songs, and they continue to play it for me in an unforgettable, probably better show than when they started in 1976. It is interesting to see some kids that were the epitome of So-Cal, too cool for you, skate-punkers become, well, normal grown men with beer guts/ high blood pressure. Thanks guys! This song always fits my paranoid little mood.

This song is why I have chosen punk.