söndag, januari 17, 2010

Siamese Hunting Man Pendant

Far out.

SF working men

San Francisco Chronicle reports on things that matter to me. This dude is from San Diego, but he looks Swedish.

Please buy our city's newspaper! Don't let internet kill the journalist star! This is the basis of Citizen Kane, it goes down in newspaper history, we cannot let this gem of San Francisco die!!! Please please please save the newspaper! Subscribe.

My New Toy

I recently received a lovely Golden Half camera from my sweet, little mum. The shop in Noe Valley that she works at, Wink, sells thousands of adorable gibbets including little My Neighbor, Totoro toys, cute notebooks, rings, and books about useless Japanese inventions (really funny, she gave me that as a little gift as well.) Having a mother who works in the retail industry and receives discounts certainly has its benefits.
Anyways, I want to continue discussing this nifty Golden Half camera. 35 mm, when you develop the film there are 2 photos together instead one, because only half the frame is used when you take the picture. So, if you want, you can take pictures in matching intervals; each set of 2 can have a theme. Or not. I am sure I will fail to keep a theme going, I'm not on that photographic level yet. There is also a hotshoe input gadget so that you can add a flash, if desired! It weighs nearly nothing. I use 400 film.
Here are some of the fruits of Golden Half's labor:

Show Your Bones