söndag, december 27, 2009


"Dr. Dre mothafucka!" This song, I believe, deserves its own post for one of the best songs of the decade. Snoop Dogg is simply the bee's knees and the video is the quintessential American millennium music video with all the strippers and ridiculous attire. 2001 was an odd year for taste and elegance. If you want to see anyone, including me, perform some truly glorious dirty dancing, play this song! Snoop Dogg is my kind of dude.

In a heated discussion with my friend, Andrew Ting, we both agree that "that would make good reality tv" if I were coupled with Snoop. People, help me make this happen!

Fishroxy & Supertwins

I have always thought that if I had one of these boards, I would not mind the atrociously cold Pacific and winter waves that would eat me alive. But, these things are expensive, so I'm going to remain afraid