onsdag, januari 13, 2010

I forgot about that...

On Nuit Blanche 2009, Michel de Broin displayed this ginormous disco ball above Luxembourg Garden, which is near the Sorbonne. At the time, I just thought of it as just another disco ball, only large and outdoors. I thought it looked neat, but I had been mending a broken bone and did not feel like standing in the humungous line. I could not imagine how long those people had to stand, sulking and enviously watching people who arrived early enjoy dancing at Luxembourg. I hear their cries.
Now I look at this article and have to give my complete attention to the artist. It must have been fun to make and pretty arduous for the construction workers, so great job kids! M. de Broin's other work is equally, if not more, impressive than the disco ball. I really like his "Keep on Smoking" bike design, I have to mantle one together for myself.
"Late Program" is not too shabby as well.

If SF had Nuit Blanche, the best thing for the city to do is to have the world's largest Moon Bounce in Dolores Park... all the locals know what I mean by this. It is probably a little more safer than that firework that blew up that one drummer girl's hand on 4 of July 2007.