tisdag, december 08, 2009

And another

One more video from the outstanding Atlas Sound performance with Choir of Young Believers. They created this song only one day prior in London...

Between grief and nothing, I will take grief

Back in San Francisco, jet lagged, miserable, and je veux revenier Paris maintenant. Anyways, there are more downs than pluses in life, but that's why there are so many fascinating novels in the world...I'm thinking it'd be nice to write one as well, just for me to read.


For those who are unaware of the game, MASH is when a fun junior high-bored in class game that mostly girls would play that calculates who they would marry, fuck, how many children they'd have, where they'd live and what they'd drive and live in. It's called MASH because the game is an acronym for Mansion House Shack Appartment, which are the 4 candidates one can live in. With how things are counted out, a person can end up with either the worst results, mundane, or the best. I got the best!

My results:

Husband: Hakan Hellstrom

Place I'll live: London

# of children: 3

Job: Director

Car: Hearst

1 Night Stand: This guy

Life is always better written on paper, eh?