torsdag, januari 21, 2010

Dancing with the devil

It's going to hurt
You're going to struggle
But if you want to breath again
It has to be now or kiss everything good-bye

Get up off the ground
Turn off that imaginary jazz
That makes you dance with the devil
Remember you got to return to life
and your family cannot live with you
They don't want you dancing with the devil
Are you tired yet?

It sounds so good
Probably feels even better
Moving won't help, you're just running away
Life is not boring
It's probably you that's boring
Why else are you making phone calls to Diablo?

Remember you won't be forgotten
Oh, it better to make memories
instead of living in them
Did the devil teach you that?


Space, whether it involves capacity, time alone, or best of all, science, has to be one of the most beautiful elements of life.

Hanging by a thread