torsdag, februari 18, 2010


2009 Oliver Theyskens featuring Lily Donaldson. It looks like my mum's mum's wedding dress from her first/second marriage (out of 5). Her ceremony was in Paris, but then Nazi's invaded and she escaped on a motorcycle with some other dude that she would end up marrying, too. R.I.P. beautiful mind. She also was a model in Paris for designers like Balenciaga and Rochas (the originals) and started the whole trend of dragging a fur coat on the runway, though that got her in a bitchload of trouble. I mention her modeling because Theyskens also designed for house of Rochas, remember??

Nina Ricci 2008 with Oliver Theyskens. Olga Sheerer?

The Night of Pan

"The Night of Pan is the mystical state which is experienced during the crossing of the Abyss in the Crowlean system of magick." -Brian Butler

It was made in only 2 days in L.A. and inspired from Grandmother stories involving Paradise Lost. It is a bit of deja vu for me since I have written a story similar to this, but all the more encouraging for me to see this movie immediately. Vincent Gallo is in the cast... I love him, he is terrifying and super strange.