söndag, februari 21, 2010

"A lone biker of the apocalypse.."

For the past few days, I have had some fucked up dreams. They are always vivid and sometimes lucid, although with the lucid dreams I never wanted to revive myself, which is even more confusing since my dreams really aren't entailing a continuation, but instead terminated once a person realizes they are dreaming.
Anyways, my dreams weren't anything like this scene, but after waking up today I kept playing a remarkable scene from Raising Arizona in my head over and over. The Coen Brothers knew what they were doing from the git-go.

I think I have started having bad dreams because a good friend of mine is having just as, if not not more, brutal dreams as me. They're interesting- would make good films. Also, news on crime and death in the media sometimes tampers on a person's dreams.