torsdag, december 31, 2009

25(ish) Best Films of the Decade

1. Snatch- Directed by Guy Ritchie. What is there to say except it was a good film to kick off the decade. D' yuh guyz lake dehgs? 2000
2. Almost Famous- Directed by Cameron Crowe. Preaching Band-Aids. 2000
3. Ocean's 11- Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Every A-lister available appeared onscreen for this. 2001
4. Blow (no not the porno, but the Johnny Depp version thank you very much) - Directed by Ted Demme, his last film. "Danbury wasn't a prison, it was a crime school. I went in with a Bachelor of marijuana, came out with a Doctorate of cocaine." 2001
5. Vanilla Sky- Directed by Cameron Crowe. Mindfucking. 2001
6. The Ring- Directed by Gore Verbinski, a remake of Ringu. Parents, don't hit your kids, Samara will get you back. Just sayin'. She never sleeps! 2002
7. Old Boy- Directed by Park Chan-wook. One of the craziest movies, along with Suicide Club (2001, I'll throw that movie on the list as well), that I have ever seen! It is apart of the Vengeance Trilogy... all are must-sees, but remember that you need to have a strong stomach. TIED WITH Mystic River- Directed by my guy Clint Eastwood. Pretty grave subject matter. 2003
8. Kill Bill 1 & 2- Directed by Quentin Tarantino. "I'm Buck, and I'm here to fuck." 2003-04
9. The Saddest Music in the World-Directed by Guy Maddin. "No one can beat the Siamese when it comes to dignity, cats, or twins." and That glass leg!! 2003

10. Goodbye, Lenin!- Directed by Wolfgang Becker. The wonders of the Berlin Wall.I LOVE THIS FILM. 2003
11. Big Fish- Directed by Tim Burton. Ewan McGreggor, 'nough said. 2003

12. The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001, ("Well I just want to die") TIED WITH The Life Aquatic, 2004 ("I think I'd be into her if she wasn't a bull dyke)- both directed by Wes Anderson.

13. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-Directed by Michel Gondry. This movie's bomb, I'm sorry if it is too scenester for some people.2004 Everyone nailed it.
14. I <3 Huckabees- Directed David O. Russell. "There is no remainder in the mathematics of infinity." Lily Tomlin completely flipped a bitch.2004
15. V for Vendetta- Directed by James McTeigue. "Remember, remember, the 5th of November"2005
16. Brick- Directed by Rian Johnson. "I've got knives in my eyes, I'm going home sick." 2005.

17. History of Violence (2005, David Cronenberg) TIED WITH Eastern Promises (2007, latter director mentioned). FUCKING VIGGO! He is an excellent gang member!
18. Wristcutters: A Love Story- Directed by Goran Dukic. " I was missing Desiree." If you love Tom Waits, BUY THIS FILM. 2006
19.Tekkon Kinrkeet- Directed by Michael Arias and animated by Studio 4°C. Yeah, anime can scare the shit out of certain older folks, but this film is tres jolie. 2006
20. Science of Sleep (Le science des reves)- Directed by Michel Gondry. "I'm exhausted, I think I'll wake up now." aaand "Will you marry me when you are seventy? You'd have nothing to lose. " aaaaand "I never get the one I like, anways" I am watching this film right now! 2006

21. Little Miss Sunshine- Directed by Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris. Give me liberty or give me OLIVE. Can't touch this. 2006.
22. Superbad (2007, Greg Mottola) & Pineapple Express (2008, David Gordon Green). Both Seth Rogen, improvised, sadistic, absurd comedies of the beginning of the century. "I have a wife, she's getting out of jail soon, I want to fuck her- I want to have sex with her, I DON'T want to wake up murdered tomorrow!" et "The Iron Chef of Pounding Vag!"
23. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Cowardly Robert Ford- Directed by Andrew Dominik. Nailed it.
24.Let the Right One In- Directed by Tomas Alfredson. Those Swedes, they can be pretty twisted, eh? FACT: This truly is the only historically riveting vampire film EVER. 2008.

25. Burn After Reading (2008, the Coen Bros) & There Will Be Blood (2008, Paul Thomas Anderson). BOTH OUTSTANDING! Brad Pitt proves himself in actual talent instead of beauty and Daniel Day Lewis shows the world that you can't top his performance. DDL, call me dude!

onsdag, december 30, 2009

Rabbit in the Headlights

It's a great idea, everyone has been caught in this motion of confusion..even if they aren't as sexy.

Sculptor Swallow

The bird in the skate shoe and the shaking hands between two skeletal pals are my favorites.


Snowboarding season, how about a little art to motivate us to get out to Lake Tahoe?

tisdag, december 29, 2009

Pamela Reed & Matthew Rader

Wouldn't it be cool if you could hold animated doodles in the real world? Only in beautiful minds does this happen...

Click on the second and third images to see the moving versions!


No one can see right through me, the world you see in me is not Mary's world.

måndag, december 28, 2009

Mary's top 50 favorite songs of the decade!

Choosing these songs have been quite distressful, music is really I have to live for nowadays, so I hope I didn't make too many mistakes. Unfortunately, not many great punk songs were created in the past decade, so I went for more Top of the Pops, so to speak. Please don't punish me if I fucked up on my choices!

The "*" means especially loved, or applies to my life, or both. Just take notice at the * songs.
*1. Blink 182- I Miss you ... I would like to dedicate this song to SARAH AND ASHLEY; you are FOREVER in my heart and I miss you.
"Hello there the angel from my nightmare,The shadow in backround of the morgue,The unsespecting victim of darkness in the valley,We can live like Jack and Sally if we want, where you can always find me, and we'll have Halloween on Christmas"
2. Outkast- Hey Ya! (2003)..."1,2,3, UHH!"
3. The Hives- See Through Head(2000)..."You always end up losing 'cause you got a see-through head"
4. Mya- My Love is Like Whoa(2003)"My love is like (whoa)My kiss is like (whoa)My touch is like (whoa)My sex is like (whoa)My ass is like (whoa) My body's like(whoa)"
5.The Strokes- Hard To Explain(2001)"Well I'm too young, and they're too old, the joke is on you, this place is a zoo, you're right it's true."
6. The Hives- A.K.A. Idiot (2000) "Put up with being laughed at, cause I put up with being me, And then on artificial someone says I'm the i-d-i-o-t."
7. Justin Timberlake- Sexy Back (2007)"Dirrrty baabe, you see the shackles? Baby, I'm your slave, I'll let you whip me if I misbehave, It's just that no one makes me feel this way"
*8. The Distillers- Oh Serena(2000)"Well they all have scars on their eyes, its true, night and day its like a haunted replay, I know it girl i'll pray for you, just remember its not stronger than you."
*9. The Strokes- 12:51(2003)"Talk to me now that I'm older"
10. Animal Collective- Summertime Clothes(2009) "My bones have to move and my skin's gotta breathe, you pick up the phone, and I'm so relieved,you slide down your stairs to the heated street, and the sun has left us with slippery feet"
*11. Atlas Sound feat. Panda Bear- Walkabout (2009) "What did you want to be, what did you want to see when you...grew up?"
12. Boris- Pink (2005)"What color would I use to paint all over, to open your eyes, in a line, trying to kill off the dizziness, in an agony, trying to make the reason,in a line, without averting the eyes, as always"
13. No Doubt- Bathwater (2000) "So why do we choose the boys that are naughty, I don't fit in so why do you want me?"
*14. The Strokes- Reptilia (2003)"Yeah, the night's not over, you're not trying hard enough"
15. Britney Spears- Toxic(2003) For: SARAH MOUSSAVI"There's no escape, I can't wait, I need a hit."
16. Dr. Dre feat Eminem- Forgot About Dre (2001)"I told 'em all, all them little gangstas, who you think helped mold 'em all,now you wanna run around and talk about guns, like I ain't got none, what you think I sold 'em all?"
17. Franz Ferdinand-Take Me Out(2004)"So if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you."
18. Radiohead- 15 Step(2007) "You used to be alright...What happened? Did the cat get your tongue?"
*19. Atlas Sound- Shelia(2009) "We'll die alone, together..."
20. Albert Hammond, Jr.- In Transit(2006) "I'm not going to change, 'til I want to..."
21. The Strokes- Someday(2001)"You say you wanna stand by my side, darling your head's not right"
22. Shakira- Hips Don't Lie (2006)"I never really knew she could dance like that. "
*23. Plot to Blow Up The Eiffel Tower- One Stab Deserves Another(2002?) "I wish I could protect you from the bats that live in her heart, but we all find out for ourselves...I just want to forget!"
24. Blood Brothers- Trash Flavored Trash(2004) "I told a widow that she was beautiful, when half of her smile was missing"
25. Blood Brothers- Love Rhyms with Hideous Car Wreck(2004)" You met Jane four years ago today, dancing at some vomit-stained frat party, her newspaper gown, flashing headline brown, her violent gypsy dance, her tired underpants.."
26. No Doubt- It's My Life(2003) "Caught in the crowd, it never ends..".
*27. The White Stripes- Apple Blossom(2000) "All the people you tell your problems to, they don't really care for you."
28. Animal Collective- My Girls(2009) "There isn't much that I feel I need, a solid soul and the blood I bleed."
29. The White Stripes- Blue Orchid (2005)"...So I gave you the truth from showing up, how dare you, how old are you now anyway?"
30. Camera Obscura- Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken (2006)"Hey Lloyd I'm ready to be heartbroken, I can't see further than my own nose at this moment"
31. Hakan Hellstrom- Ramlar(2000)"Och det är lång väg ner, och jag skulle aldrig ramla mer"
*32. Hakan Hellstrom- Kom Igen Lena!(2000) "Elvis boys that throw cellies in the air"
33. Art Brut- Bad Weekend(2005) "Popular culture no longer applies to me."
34. The Libertines- Up The Bracket(2004) "You see these 2 cold fingers? These crooked fingers I show you a way to mean no"
35. Babyshambles- Fuck Forever(2005)"I can't tell between death and glory? Happy endings, no, they never bored me."
36. Radiohead- 2+2=5 (2003) "It's the devil's way now, there is no way out, you can SCREAM and you can shout, it is too late now"
*37. Yeah Yeahs Yeahs- Kiss Kiss(2007) "I dropped my musings out of site, I drank until the water dried, it's all cute 'til someone dies."
38. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Pin(2004) "I like to sleep with him, pushing in the pin."
*39. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Y- Control(2004)"Under the gun gun gun, and I believe them all"
40. Desaparacedos- Manana(2002)" We will learn, we will love, we will work, to change each other, we will spread, we will cover the earth, like air and water (Water! Water!...Change each other)"
*41. Deerhunter- Never Stops (2008) "Haunts my days."
42. Kanye West- Can't Tell Me Nothing(2007) "I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny, and what I do? Act more stupidly."
*43. The Stills- Yesterday Never Tomorrows'(2003) "The dark winter snows bright, please stay here tonight, walk on my face straight through my pillow"
*44. Liars- Plaster Casts of Everything(2007) "You say lets ride this way..."
45. HEALTH- Nice Girls(2009)"...Your eyes, your lips...."( this song kills me )
46. D-12- Purple Pills(2005)"I take a couple uppers, I take a couple downers, but nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple pills."
47. Incubus- Megalomaniac(2003) "You're no Jesus, yeah you're no fucking Elvis!"
*48.Rihanna- Disturbia (2008) "It's a thief in the night to come and grab you, it can creep up inside you and consume you, a disease of the mind, it can control you, it's too close for comfort"
49. The Killers- Mister Brightside (2004) It started out with a kiss, How did it end up like this? It was only a was only a kiss.
50. Weezer- Photograph (2001) For Ash =)
"If you need it, you should show it
'Cause you might play so monastic that you blow it
'Cause everybody wants some hope
Something they can barely know"

Can't hate the girl

But, can she read?

söndag, december 27, 2009


"Dr. Dre mothafucka!" This song, I believe, deserves its own post for one of the best songs of the decade. Snoop Dogg is simply the bee's knees and the video is the quintessential American millennium music video with all the strippers and ridiculous attire. 2001 was an odd year for taste and elegance. If you want to see anyone, including me, perform some truly glorious dirty dancing, play this song! Snoop Dogg is my kind of dude.

In a heated discussion with my friend, Andrew Ting, we both agree that "that would make good reality tv" if I were coupled with Snoop. People, help me make this happen!

Fishroxy & Supertwins

I have always thought that if I had one of these boards, I would not mind the atrociously cold Pacific and winter waves that would eat me alive. But, these things are expensive, so I'm going to remain afraid

lördag, december 26, 2009

50 years ago

Man created the Pantom Chair.

The phantom chair F4...creepy, but I still wouldn't mind having one floating around my study environment.

fredag, december 25, 2009


I deal with a lot of liars on a day-to-day basis, and I'm sick of 'em! However, those nice fellas who call themselves Liars created a genuine cure for all my rage and for the past 2 (almost 3) years it has been my doctor. I thought I'd share the link to Plaster Casts of Everything because they are going to come out with their new album soon... might as well just review their classics, eh?I know everyone knows this song, so beware of the thrashing that can sometimes lie ahead. You're going to hate everyone for 4 minutes.

The song hold great importance sentimentally as well. It is drawn back to fun, destructive (literally, like furniture got fucked up), better times that I wish I held onto. Well, oh well.

Best part of the song start at:

We saved our lives forever
We saved our lives together

You say
let's ride
this wave
for the rest to say
let's leave today

torsdag, december 24, 2009

Obviously, Doctor, you've never been a 13-year-old girl.

Robin and I watched Virgin Suicides last night. I watched that movie over and over and over when I was 12 and 13. I thought the dialogue was wonderful and the music, by Air, was tremendous. I thought everything was a drag back then too, so I always saw myself as Cecilia...I was kind of dramatic. Also, the neighborhood was EXACTLY like the neighborhood I lived in, in Cincinnati, Ohio. My opinion has stayed the same, I still enjoy it, but after watching it, I still get a bit mopey. At least I don't relate myself to one of the girls, anymore, like Mary or Lux. So was Robin, I'm pretty sure he went home and slept for 15 hours. I also like that Sophia Coppola kept the script close to the novel, written by Jeffrey Eugenides. Here's why:

"What lingered after them was not life, but the most trivial list of mundane facts: a clock ticking on a wall, a room dim at noon, and the outrageousness of a human being thinking only of herself. "

"We would never be sure of the sequence of events. We argue about it still. "

"When she jumped, she probably thought she could fly."