lördag, oktober 10, 2009

Ghetto Bri TON

Yesterday I got the chance to see Fish Tank after class. It's a must see if you enjoy heavy films. Some parts are certainly predictable, but the cinematography, camera movement, and screenplay itself are all magical. Katie Jarvis did a wonderful job playing Mia Williams, a bitter, fatherless, welfare white girl in Essex, England. The movie is her first acting experience and she is quite similar to the role she plays. She got scouted by a casting agent at a railway station while she was arguing with some boyfriend. And last May she had her first child (Katie Jarvis is 18 years old). So I love everything about this film and Cannes did too.

Please mind the Youtube, it does not live up to the actual movie bar none. The best trailor is here.

Here's some stuff from Cannes...