lördag, oktober 31, 2009

HEALTH Halloween

HEALTH on Halloween night? Does Paris really want to go down in flames? Tonight was a lovely display of drones, light travel, experimental dance sequences, and and a performance made for lucid dreamers. HEALTH is wonderful live; if they come to a city near you (and most likely they will- they go universally everywhere) buy that ticket to see them, you won't regret it. With a lot of noisiness and experimentation is serenity and beauty. Their silhouettes are dramatically bold as they do their own stylistic form of rocking out. The random screams and cries also pump you up, so they're keeping punk alive

My friends and I had the honor of speaking with them for a bit, and they're just as great dudes offstage as they are onstage.

My friends and I had the honor of speaking with them for a bit, and they're just as great dudes offstage as they are onstage.

fredag, oktober 30, 2009

Jay you Reatard!

Jay Reatard cancelled on Paris two nights ago- apparently his band has quit on him for being a total drunken fool and pissing on his guitarist...love it. Anywho, this means I have an opportunity to see either Atlas Sound or The Horrors to compensate for a lost, loud night. I also learned today that Grizzly Bear plays in Stockholm the night beforemy arrival there. So I suppose seeing both Atlas Sound and balances out okay, oui oui oui??

tisdag, oktober 27, 2009


Today is my 21st birthday...voila. Je ne sais pas, mais je n'aime pas mon anniversaire et je veux etre age huit, sil vous plait! Anyway, I got back from Scotland yesterday and I am impelled to return soon and never leave. J'adore beaucoup!!! I went to a comedy club, the country, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the cathedral in Glasgow, graveyards, castles, universities, Mackintosh museum, and many bus stations. I can't believe how perfect was. Also, the shopping was way more chic and innovative them originally expected, so cheers my dears.

lördag, oktober 17, 2009

Save me

Marais treated me like a proper destitute princess today. I got my whole outfit for only 7 euro, excluding my boots from Topshop. Though many perceive the get-up as complete shit, I'm pretty excited! I feel as if my Grammy (mum's mum) is smiling in her grave in Salinas right now and saying "Atta girl Mei Mei". A tattoo dedicated to her next? Mum don't read my blog.

fredag, oktober 16, 2009


Camera Obscura played at La Maroquinerie on Rue Boyer tonight. They did a lovely job, except for the song where she forgot the lyrics. Somehow her Scottish charm made it all the more endearing. So that happened all tonight. The neighborhood is super sketchy, but the bars and life there are heavenly!


And I have been dropped into just one of those days- a first in Paris. Time for musing and a kick in the arse to get me going again.
Firstly, I love this song. Pearl Harbour- Luv Goon. It makes me a bit homesick.

Pearl Harbor - Luv Goon from U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D on Vimeo.

No for some visions. Vision me visions!

lördag, oktober 10, 2009

Ghetto Bri TON

Yesterday I got the chance to see Fish Tank after class. It's a must see if you enjoy heavy films. Some parts are certainly predictable, but the cinematography, camera movement, and screenplay itself are all magical. Katie Jarvis did a wonderful job playing Mia Williams, a bitter, fatherless, welfare white girl in Essex, England. The movie is her first acting experience and she is quite similar to the role she plays. She got scouted by a casting agent at a railway station while she was arguing with some boyfriend. And last May she had her first child (Katie Jarvis is 18 years old). So I love everything about this film and Cannes did too.

Please mind the Youtube, it does not live up to the actual movie bar none. The best trailor is here.

Here's some stuff from Cannes...