onsdag, augusti 06, 2008


If there is any fashion that would get my very distracted attention, it would furthermore be Space Fashion. It happened and now I have more focus than someone training for the Olympics. It only makes me say this; "Why in the idiocracy didn't I think of that?!?!"My favorite one is the science-figure black motorcycle getup.
Also, I viewed the American version of "Funny Games" (original was made in Austria via 1997 and directed by Michael Haneke) in which two psychopaths hold a family of three hostage and torture them. I won't distribute anymore details, but I suggest those who do not handle psychological, nihilistic to stray away from a film like this. I quite liked it. I must also add that there is one very draining segment in the movie and then all of a sudden the tortured father starts eating a loaf of bread while he tries to get in touch with 911. Personally, I would not be hungry after suffering what he has suffered, but people cope in different ways.

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