måndag, april 13, 2009

Waking Up a Machine

Every day I live there has the same old goal and the same industry of liars.
Every day I fail.
Every day I think the liars expectations are reasonable, which makes me presume I fail.
Every day I think I recognize that run down reflection.
Every day I behave in the manner as directed by the liars.
Every day I am disconnected.
Every day is the same.

One day I start to question things.
One day I realize I am an On/Off button.
One day I decide I need to be dismantled.
One day I learn the art of stealth.
One day I stop and look into the mirror.

What is this?!
It's synthetic
It's paint
It was not designed to be human
This face cannot carry a fire in her eyes
And I'm sure she does not know her name
Evidence is lacking that the noggin obtains a cerebellum!

This human became a machine
Only the strongest survive
The strongest have become machines.

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