måndag, juni 29, 2009

When I'm Dead

When I'm dead I want to be a ghost that is visible every full moon. The history I would ever leave behind has no emotional attachment, but I am there to haunt the evil that ruled during life. All the messy memories from life have finally stopped haunting me and diminish. My good memories are passed on to those who deserve to experience themselves. When those good mortals take a photograph, a shining will appear behind them. The shining may cause grave concern, but really it is me guarding these people.

But what will these good memories be? Honestly, I look back at my childhood and admire the times I got to skateboard or go to the beach, but those days were short lived. Another would be petting wild horses in front of my house, but that too had a premature ending. As a ghost, creating memories for people is fairest. Memories are what one makes of them. As a child, my imagination was so happy and eccentric that when I look back on my childhood, my most important memories permeate my brain.

Who would I watch? That is to be determined. Who knows when I will die and who will and will not die before me. I want to watch over the misunderstood, the ones that are laughed at and deemed insane. And for all the rapers, flakes, and selfish manipulators, watch your back.

I'm the twitch under your eye you get when you're stressed. I'm the twitch you have when someone you don't trust taps your shoulder. I'm your nightmares and I'm your dream come true. I'm there when your feelings of lost desolation entrap your soul and you don't believe you even have a soul.

I'm present when you make memories. These memories are the best ones, the worst ones that make you learn something about life, and the ones that you will pass to the youth.

When you pass, I'll be there with open arms. I'll tell you stories of when you were born and what your parents were like as kids. I'll teach you to see the world in a different light.

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