fredag, november 13, 2009

Avec Triumph!!

My computer crashed and burned, taking every ounce of music and photography with it. So, I'm starting from square one and I am hoping to make my blog newer, improved, and hopefully a bit more chic!
What I've been up to:
Another visit to Montparnasse cemetery before class. I enjoy seeing Man Ray the most,surprise surprise.

I visited Le Centre Pompidou to see the best Surrealist art there is to know. Pompidou is an art piece in its own right. I'm sure the French would cringe to read this, but the design is a bit steam-punk to me, or it should be in the film Brazil. That is a compliment coming from me, though.

Besides Man Ray, the exhibit showcased many of my idols; André Breton, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, René Magritte, aaaaand etc.
I tried something new, consumption wise, and I still don't know what the actual name of it is. If anyone knows, comment! But, it was dangerously tasty and a cross between a greasy texture of a donut and a pastry interior. That's my best description, which is a pretty bad one.

My visit to Prague was short, but sweet. I went to everything that exists in that town, it seems. I think I like the history of the place more than the actual town (the current culture is a little, meh) and the shadow of communism to stalks the city. I love that eeriness. The story of Jan Palach is FASCINATING and utterly creepy. I also learned that until recently, there was an official Czech law that parents could only name their children one of 365 names on some list. That's remarkable! And currently, parents have to go to the government for permission to name their baby something that is not on the list of 365 names. So there are no Apples, Pilots, Vaginas, or Tiger Lilys running around Czech Republic.

The Franz Kafka musée is a must!!
Oh, and yesterday I saw Lou Doillon waltzing down Rue de St. Antoine Faubourg at noon...didn't think she rises so early. The only way I can describe her is she's like a leopard in a crowd of people, she movies so coyly! Her outfit was simply some jeans and a puffy jacket, but her demeanor is so oh la la. I wish I had her confidence, sigh.

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Rachel S sa...

you SAW Lou?????? Pardon my french but FUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK

Mary Standish sa...

Yep I did! She was in front of the Monoprix, which is like hanging out in front of Target.