tisdag, november 18, 2008

A Dream that I Want

I want to have a specific dream. It starts out with me riding a train in Europe winter of 1898. It is perfect winter weather and beautifully grey out. It is also eerie, which is necessary for my winters. I hear some clinks and screeching sounds and all of a sudden the bridge breaks and the train crashes. The conductor and all the passengers die. I squeeze out of a window empty handed. I am wearing a garment that matches the snow. It looks like a Chanel wedding dress. I walk through the forest and find a castle perched on top of a steep mountain and walk a path to its entrance. When I make it to the doorway it automatically opens for me which immediately indicates to me that I am in Transylvania. As I enter I hear a faint sound coming from upstairs and I follow it. As I near, the sound gets louder and louder until I finally reach the top and find Prefuse 73 eltronicing. It's quite cold and windy up there and at that point I believe that I am going to be forced into marrying Dracula (by Prefuse 73). A hiss noise comes from the balcony and so I run to it. The balcony holds a capacious, ancient cemetery. I hear the whispers and they are from the ground. The tombstones have all the names of my loved ones on there. Am I getting married to a diabolic individual in front of a cemetery that is held near and dear to my heart? The hissing whispers suddenly stop. A song I never heard before is playing with Prefuse 73 and it is loud, destructive, and impeccable. I run inside to find my deceased alive and breaking the furniture. There is no wedding. The white means honoring the death.

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