tisdag, november 18, 2008

A Nightmare to Hate

I hope I never dream nor live this. I feel a severe thud to the ground and open my eyes to see that I have returned to the abominated desert. I look around and see that I am stranded. I don't know how I have gotten there and if I will ever escape. I hear foot steps and turn around to see a group of tatted up pop-punkers. They have the X's on their hands which means the worst; straight-edge. One picks me up and says I have had head trauma and that it is okay now since I am in Arizona and will be staying there for the rest of my life. My body is inert and I cannot speak because my throat is too dry. The leader of the pack lifts me and says he is going to place me on the board of an MRI machine. They strap me on just in case my body is going to move again. Then the wingman comes in with some headphones with music that they believe will help my head recover; Journey, my all time hated band. My body is still inert, so I just sob uncontrollably as the straight edge pack wheels me and the machine across the desert. When they make it to Scottsdale, I am informed I will not ever be able to pursue my goals or be the person I want to be. I will dress how they want and I cannot go out and have fun on my own. I will be a straight edge cyborg for these criminals. When they take me out of the MRI board, they put me in a white outfit (so they can find me easily) and place a mask over my face so I cannot speak- ever. They also give me a Louis Vuitton purse so I will fit in with the culture. I cannot take the life that I have been forced into which has no escape. I find one escape and luckily Scottsdale is full of pools...

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