söndag, december 13, 2009

Thomas Howard

Something about this opening sequence of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Cowardly Robert Ford strikes a chord. I am sure it is Nick Cave & Warren Ellis's powerful slight melodies, but I feel like everything about this part of the film is my little biography. The convex lens shows a claustrophobia that I'm so familiar with. It seems as if Jesse James was so trapped in his life that he knew the only escape was assassination. Every problem lied in that one focal point that the lens pointed to. I love that about the convex lens, it makes the audience feel as suffocated as the character... everyone is haunted by it. Also, his silhouette and profile shows the key part of this Mister Jesse James; his mystery. We don't ever, ever know what he is thinking and can only hope he knows what the fuck he is doing. This film reminds me why I want to act and direct. It should have won some Oscars. Try not to cry.

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